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Church Staff:

Bishop Darick L. Favors Sr.

Michelle Favors
Elect Lady

George Favors 

Dorothy Greer
Adult Choir President

  Rodney Crockett
Musician & Youth Choir

Anthony & Chere Moss
Youth Directors 

Rosetta LaBruce
Usher Board President

Carla Washington
Communication & Publication President

  Linda & Eddie Shedwick
Hospitality & Church Upkeep

Billy Millage
Homeless Ministry
  LaTonia Williams & Anthony Moss

Chere Moss
Sanctuary Choir President

Rickey Sykes
Street Ministry












Full Gospel Tabernacle came into existence in 1963 under the leadership of the late Pastor O.C. Mosley and his wife Fessie O Mosley.  Through obedience God steered his servants to connect man-kind to God through his living word.  They started the church in their garage and later moved to Denley Drive.  As souls continued to be delivered and blessed, Pastor O.C. Mosley was lead to build a building unto God at 623 E. Woodin in 1974 where it now exists. 

From under the leadership of Pastor Mosley, many pastors branched out and extended God's ministry.  Full Gospel Tabernacle was built and still exist, by Faith.  Pastor O.C. Mosley pastored for 23 years and was called from labor to reward September 1, 1986.  Pastor F.O. Mosley stood in the gap and continued to lead God's people preaching the same uncompromising gospel of Jesus Christ. Countless souls were touched, changed, and encouraged under the leadership of Pastor F.O. Mosley.  She declared, "I'm going to ware out and not rust out, serving the Lord!  Pastor F.O. Mosley pastored 23 years and was called from labor to reward November 28, 2009.  It was prophesied by Pastor O.C. Mosley that Lil' Darick at the time, a young boy who was not saved yet, would preach in that church. At the age of 19 after being filled with Holy Ghost , Darick Favors was called by God to the ministry.  Remaining faithful through multiple facets of ministry, Darick Favors started the homeless ministry, taught bible study in different facilities downtown, organized feeding and clothing, and became a hungry and thirsty student of righteousness under the leadership of Pastor F.O. Mosley.  

The installation service for Full Gospel Tabernacle's new Pastor Darick Favors Sr., made a permanant impact in the spiritual realm.  We were honored to have Full Gospel Holy Temple's senior Bishop Larry B. Keil expound the bread of life February 19, 2010 in this official ordination service.  Pastor Henry Vessey delivered the charge to lead God's people.  Seating availability ceased with many whom love Pastor Darick L. Favors Sr. and Elect Lady Michelle Favors.  Every service they are surrounded by prayer warriors, sincere supporters of God's work, and dedicated vessels. 

Full Gospel Tabernacle Churches, Inc. continue to make an impact in the lives of God's people, while remaining obedient to God and his word.  Our new motto is: "Reaching the Lost, at any Cost"!  Our vision given from God to our Pastor is: To engage in creative ministry providing every opportunity for every person to encounter and experience the joy of Jesus Christ through worship, education, and outreach.  


Bishop Darick L. Favors, Sr. : Since the age of nineteen, Bishop Favors made a covenant with God to preach the uncompromising gospel declaring war against the enemy. With direct instruction from God, Bishop Favors clearly understands his assignment to encourage God's people to endure until the end. He also teaches the people of God to maximize their gifts to build the kingdom. Pastor has created our website, wrote out our vision, church motto “Reaching the Lost, at any Cost”, and restructured God’s building to enhance the capability of total ministry to God’s people.

Bishop Favors has worked tirelessly focusing on the mission and vision God gave him to improve the Oak Cliff Sector of Dallas as well as other projects toward the betterment of communities of the entire city of Dallas. Through this mission Bishop Favors has organized a movement to put prayer back in schools and Jesus back in our communities.

Numerous souls have been saved and families have continued to be added to the church. Pastors and Bishops in the Philippines, India, & Uganda have reached out after hearing messages from our website, seeking advice, teaching, and council which has led to the need to oversee the churches of Pastor Rudy Dalapu, Full Gospel Tabernacle Philipines. This has also led to the establishing of Full Gospel International Churches, Inc. to incorporate affiliated churches that need covering or the establishment of new churches being birth. Bishop Favors has traveled abroad to the Philippines and plans to travel to other countries to help build the Kingdom of God. Bishop Favors also plans, with the help of our Lord Jesus, to rebuild the retirement home in Haiti that Pastor O.C & F.O. Mosley established.

Through the laying on of hands, Bishop Favors has seen God's people awaken from comas, healed of cancer, fully delivered, filled with the Holy Ghost, encouraged, motivated, demons cast out, set free from prison walls, and much more. The glory stays with God for opening numerous doors on TV and various radio appearances and now our own radio broadcast every Saturday on KGGR 1040am at 11:15 a.m. Bishop Favors displays an humble attitude and character as many continue to be blessed through the ministry placed in him. Truly, we can say this is a man after God's own heart.

Elect Lady Michelle Favors: Only God is able to navigate one's life of havoc, to the Kingdom of God. Lady Michelle is a true woman of God who will light up a room with her smile and tear down the kingdom of the enemy with God’s anointing.

At the age of 20, Lady Michelle gave her life to the Lord and was filled with the Holy Ghost. God saved a young woman that knew nothing about God or his son Jesus.
Before God called her into the ministry in 2010, she worked untiringly for many years. She has always found herself standing in the gap wherever she saw the need. She is a humbled servant striving to do “all”, God’s way. She’s also an anointed prayer warrior. She’s a woman who loves God and loves to see vision come to pass.

In 2011 she established F.G.T Women United. The vision is for women of God both young and young at heart to be unified for God’s purpose. This organization has made a difference in the lives of many. One of its many accomplishments is its annual prayer brunch and women’s conference. Since its inception, the attendees have more than tripled in number. Countless testimonies of how the brunch and conference has changed the lives of women continue to be told. She solely gives God all the glory and praise for his marvelous works!!

Lady Michelle is a firm believer that "Whatever she needs, God's Got It"! If God doesn't do it, it can't be done. Truly, we can say that God has given us one of heaven's best! Who can find a virtuous woman? Full Gospel Tabernacle Churches, Inc. has one!

Behind every strong man is a strong woman. Bishop Darick Favors and Lady Michelle Favors have been married for 21 years. Through this union, God has blessed them with four beautiful children Kayla, Darick Jr., Bryson, and Amya (we can’t forget Nora, the large family dog).

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